Contact Details

Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery, Stour Rd, E3 2NT
+ 44(0)20 8525 2375

Gallery Directors: Jennifer English & Marty Thornton

13 Responses to “Contact Details

  1. Greetings,
    This morning I viewed your website and enjoyed my visit very much.
    In return I offer my online gallery @ for your viewing pleasure.
    Warmest regards,
    Grant Dean Warren Fuller

  2. Hi I was wondering if you put on the Scrap Club event every Sunday or whether it was a one off. I happened to be walking past, thought it looked interesting and different and would be interested in buying tickets for in a couple of weeks time. Thanks Helen

  3. Hello Smokehouse Gallery
    I’m a painter based in Dalston looking for free exhibition space. I work with urban imagery and materials, mixed with fine art, and I’m currently living on benefits, so cannot afford to rent space. I’m a bloody good painter, and my work always appeals to a wide range of people because it’s not pretentious. You can see some of it on my website
    or just google the name. If you like it, please get in touch!

  4. DeAr,

    could you be interested by my Faxart performance ?

    I made it t wice in London in 1995 and in 2011 octobre,

    it was a succes ,

    thank you for your answoord



  5. Hi

    it was lovely meeting you at the Chocolate Factory Open Studios. As discussed, I would be very interested to show in one of your shows, either with large canvasses or large Totems, or both.

  6. Hi I was in the gallery on Saturday 27th
    i liked the photograph of the thistle,
    is there a copy available to buy??

  7. Roman Lokati

    Graduated from London College of Comunication.
    University of the arts.2006.

    Solo Exhibitions

    2011—UNKNOWN. Mercado de la Merced. Rota. Cadiz.
    2011—What would you do if you had no fear?.Pantocrator Gallery . Berlin.
    2011—House Gallery Oval Theatre. London.
    2009—Obra grafica. La gorda te da de comer. Cadiz.
    2002—St Giles Hotel. London.
    1992—Lamentable. Sevilla.
    1990—Fundacion Zolio Ruiz Mateos. Rota. Cadiz.
    1987—Fundacion de juventudy deporte. Cadiz
    1986—La Galeria. Rota. Cadiz.
    1985—La plazoleta centro cultural roteno.Rota. Cadiz.

    Group Exhibitions

    2011—Regalarte. Galeria Manolo Ales. La Linea. Cadiz.
    2011—Espacio Crea.Cadiz.
    2011—Islington contemporary art & design fair. London.
    2011—Mixed media exhibition. Candid Gallery. London.
    2011—Feria de arte contemporaneo de Barcelona. Pantocrator Gallery. Barcelona.
    2010—Una Base en Rota. Mercado de la Merced. Rota. Cadiz.
    2009—The Angel Christmas art fair. Candid Galeery. London.
    2009—Small publisher art fair. London.
    2008—El mar. Fundacion Zoilo Ruiz Mateos. Rota. Cadiz.
    2007—Look at me. Hallford Gallery. London.
    2007—The Islington art fair. Candid Gallery. London.
    2005—Loco de amor. Hllford Gallery. London.
    1999—El baile de los malditos.Sala Rivadavia. Cadiz.
    1994—6 Artistas de la bahia. Museo de Cadiz.Cadiz.
    1993—Aduana 93. Palacio provincial de Cadiz. Cadiz.
    1991—Aduana 5 anos. palacio provincial de Cadiz. Cadiz.
    1990—Aduana seleccionado y adquisicion. Palacio provincial de Cadiz.

    Works in collection

    The William Blake Project.London.
    Colecion de arte contemporaneo de la provicia de Cadiz.
    Fundacion Zolio Ruiz Mateos. Rota. Cadiz.
    Candid art gallery. London.
    La canela Baluarte. Cadiz.
    Ayuntamiento de Rota.
    Pantocrator gallery Berlin

  8. Hi there,

    Is any of the art works by Chinwook Kim for sale ?


    • Dear Ash
      Thank you for your interest in our exhibition.
      Chinwook Kim will exhibit 4 works(paintings & scultures) in Place Not Found exhibition.
      They are all for sale.

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