About The Gallery

Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery is an art project space overlooking the London 2012 Olympic Park, and was founded to provide artists with a high profile platform from which to introduce their work to new audiences.

With spectacular exhibition space measuring more than 600 square metres (6600 sq ft) and with an unrivalled view of the new Olympic stadium, the gallery is situated on the top floor of Britain’s oldest salmon smokers, H Forman & Son, which was forced to relocate to its new premises by the Olympic development.

Each month, invited curators will handpick artists from the local, national and international art community to create a dynamic and varied program of exhibitions.

Here we are on  TimeOut ‘101 things to do in London: the people’s choice’

If you are interested in volunteering please send your CV along with a letter to smokehousegallery@formans.co.uk .

3 Responses to “About The Gallery

  1. congratulations for the project space. i will be in touch

  2. Beautiful space

  3. To whom it may concern,
    I have one completed series of images called ‘Tasseography’ which I would like to exhibit as well as another series called ‘Ambiguous Nature’ which I hope to complete by the end of summer 2011. I have been working on personal projects for a number of years now but am only now wishing to exhibit my work as they unfold. These two works can be viewed on my website http://graham-barker.co.uk/.

    I would welcome any consideration or opportunity to exhibit at this gallery.

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