Thornton and English in association with Forman’s present

Lost Street Chicken 

showcasing YBA’s Lilly Vasil, Rosie Mc Ginn, Lusky, Marie Gerard & Anudurani.

Join us for the Private view and complimentary drink

 Wednesday 18.4.2018


Exhibition continues until 16.5.2018

Formans Smokehouse Gallery, Stour Road, Fish Island, Hackney Wick, E3 2NT

There it stands, a golden pinnacle of being. What existential crisis has led to this very moment?  From an egg he was different. Other chicks played, he pondered life; always serious, a deep frown above a glimmering beak. he wondered who came first. His life had built up to this moment. The sun beams down on the reflective wings, jeweled eyes peer into the unknown future. This is it, his forefathers had predicted this prophecy. This is the moment where myths are made and legends are born. The shriveled claw draws forward, he looks both ways. Leaving us all questioning why did the chicken cross the road?


Lilly Vasil

Lilly Vasil

My work focuses on dilapidation within our society, taboo subjects, poverty in the UK, with elements from my musical background making an appearance. I follow different narratives and pathways which govern my art. As a performer on stage, at times my art is reminiscent of this.  Doing performance pieces during protest marches are but some of the ways performance enters my work. At present I am focusing on idolatry, dependence; the need for more. My aim is, to change people’s perceptions of those seen to be in the lower rungs of society. I look at Drug dealer chic in all its tarnished shiny glory. Chicken shop culture. A visual dictionary to my experience growing up in North London.

Discarded gold, resin, fetishism, ink and the glittering cocaine communes of the gelatinous glitterati.

Sex, Drugs, and on the Dole.


Marie Gerard

My work seeks to understand the systems that build our universe from the atomic scale to the universal, extracting them from their natural context and reinterpreting or exposing their underlying codes. My philosophy pushes to reconcile the scientific method with the artistic process, combining elements of both to shape my own natural laws. In the last year, I have focused my practice on the systems that build the digital environment, placing special emphasis on the dialogue between the physical and digital space. This process questions the subjectivity of online content within an established reality.


Rosie Mcginn

My work uses video, installation, print and kinetic sculpture to capture the human condition in its many forms. Whether it’s a cluster of bobbing marathon heads, screaming football fans, a talking armchair or a weightlifter continuously struggling to lift the same weight, the pieces often attempt to pinpoint what it is that make us tick. The work features a fusion between low-tech and high-tech, off-screen and on-screen and humour and poignancy in order to tackle questions of contentment in today’s society. My recent work has focused specifically on sport and humans who transcend themselves in order to reach extraordinary physical limits and surges of emotional elation.


David Luscombe

I’m interested in politics, design, communication and literature. I draw inspiration from the negatives in society instead of the positives. I find there is more humour and controversy there. My work is bright and graphically simple because of my employment background and experience in the field of design. Graphic design has taught me over the years, people and clients like things to be bright and positive. Politics and international news however is always contrary to this plastic surface we paint in advertising and the media. I simply take enamel paint and cover a wooden palette to show off these observations in a bright and shiny way. Some are shocking. Some are poking fun at sections of society. I always aim for them to entertain and always wish them to look good in any lobby or gallery



My work, primarily rooted in the mediums of print and installation art, examines the relationship between the millennial and contemporary society through the lenses of mental health, social inequality, cultural appropriation, food and mass production.



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