The Sea, The Sea


The Sea, The Sea


An exhibition of new paintings by Georgie Mason

Guest artists include jeweller Inger and ceramicist Mary Kaun English

When:                 Preview Evening Thursday 12h January 2017, 6.00pm-9.00pm

Where:               Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery, Stour Road, London E3 2NT 

What:                 Art, Food & Drink, ceramics & jewellery

Dining:               Forman’s Restaurant  

R.S.V.P –

Gallery Opening times

Thursday/Friday 5pm – 9pm

Saturday/Sunday Noon – 5pm


Exhibition continues until 9th February 2017

The title of the show is inspired by Iris Murdoch’s novel ‘The Sea, The Sea’, in which it is the sea with its ‘miscellaneous nature, its hugeness and unpredictability’, that helps her characters accept life’s contingency and leads them to overcome their solipsism

The sea, and all of nature, does have this effect on people. Many of these paintings are inspired by the artist’s recent trip to Scotland. Georgie says ‘I spent lots of time wrapped in blankets in fields sketching distant mountains or on cliff-tops overlooking thunderous seas, and I hope the works will trigger recognition in viewers of the humbling effect nature may have had on them too’




Inger – Jewellery designer

My work mainly revolves around organic shapes and textures, which gives it a sense of imperfection and authenticity. All my pieces are made to be worn every day. I personally never take mine off – it has become a part of me and I feel naked without it. I hope people who buy my Jewellery will have the same feeling. I can’t think of anything nicer than a stranger developing an attachment to one of my pieces and giving it a whole new life of its own.


Mary Kaun- English ceramic artist

Mary Kaun-English is a contemporary ceramic artist currently living in Kehelland, Cornwall, UK. She was born and raised in Southern California where her passion for nature was evident from the beginning. Living in the then undeveloped San Rafael foothills, she was allowed to explore this distinctive landscape, being conscious of the natural spirit and materials around her; paralleling the movements of the native American Indians, her natural biological forefathers.

Mary has lived and worked for most of her adult life in London and SW England. However Mary’s conviction that her work and life required a stronger connection with nature, lead her to move to rural Cornwall with her partner Martyn Perryman, Landscape oil painter, where there is more space to breath, work and live. The space she now inhabits is ideal for her to concentrate her efforts on developing her personal art practice and to collaborate with other like-minded people.

Mary conducts regular workshops and demonstrations on alternative ceramic firing methods and is an experienced lecturer on the history and contemporary use of Pit Firing ceramics.


Artist Statement:

My intention, in both the process of creating the work and the work itself, is to combine bodily and earthly components with ethereal and spiritual elements in a sustainable process”.

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