Forman’s in association with Thornton and English present

‘Feel free to let go’

an eclectic collection of work by London based  Artist Adrian Boswell

Private view Wednesday 29th June 6.30pm – 9.30pm

Formans Smokehouse Gallery

Stour road Fish Island Hackney Wick E3 2NT

Exhibition continues until Thursday 11th August.



In today’s fast paced and chaotic way of life, wouldn’t we all like to simply ‘let go’ for a moment and fall back into a dream like state where life becomes timeless and expectations limitless? Where nothing is what it seems and nothing has to be!

Well, as the title suggests, this eclectic collection of images by contemporary British Artist Adrian Boswell will allow you to do just that! Inspired by the likes of Salvador Dali and 16th century Artist Hieronymous Bosch, both of whom were considered Artists that were producing work well ahead of their time, comes an exciting glimpse into the world of art which, refusing to adhere to a single art movement, explores the realms of abstract, surrealist, modernistic and expressionistic genres.

Take a well-earned journey into the Monty-pythonesque world of fried eggs flying through space, Broccoli jungles, singing fish and a guy in his favourite chair complete with remote, blissfully unaware that there is no television and no earth. This almost primitive collection formulates a new and refreshing balance between comedy and fantasy. Art work capable of provoking a million different thoughts and emotions in each of its viewers. created by an Artist who thrives upon observing how each individual will interpret his work, fascinated by how this will differ from one person to the next and often using these translations from his followers to inspire his next much anticipated masterpiece.


Gallery Opening times Thursday/Friday 5pm – 9pm

Saturday/Sunday Noon – 5pm

Public transport Hackney Wick Overground

Buses from Stratford 8, 26, 30, 236, 276, 388, 488


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